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SUNGLASSES: Your eyeglasses may give you excellent vision indoors and at night, but they can’t provide optimum vision outdoors on a sunny day.  For that, you need prescription sunglasses.  The old option used be wearing glasses with clip-on sunglasses, but nowadays full prescription sunglasses provide a sleek, lightweight feel that’s just like wearing your regular glasses. They won’t get in the way when you are enjoying the outdoors and will help protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.  There are several tint options available for your desired protection.  

POLARIZED SUNGLASSES: If you want the best protection on sunny days, prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses are also available.  These lenses have a special filter that blocks bright reflections of light from water, sand, pavement and automobile hoods and windshields.  

TRANSITION LENSES:  Another option to consider is ordering your regular eyeglasses with a transition lens.  Transition lenses or “adaptive” lenses darken with exposed to UV light, such as when you walk outdoors.  When you are no longer exposed to the UV lights, or when you go indoors again, the lenses will return to their clear state.  These lenses block 100% of the harmful UV rays. 

Our friendly optician staff is here to answer all of your optical options questions, recommend products, and talk to you about all the different services we offer.  We want you to know your eye care is in good hands with us!

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