Eye Alignment Possible Cause of Neck Pain, Headaches, Dry eye, and Other Symptoms

by Dr Paul Gooch

Of all our senses, vision is arguably the most complex neurological human function, yet often the sense most taken for granted. Besides the ability to focus light and interpret images that project onto the retina, our eyes have to work together as a team for fully functional vision. The neurological orchestration of the muscles that move the eyes and shift our focus from far to near is a silent symphony that would elicit a standing ovation if only you could hear it.

The Trigeminal nerve complex is one of the neurological systems that controls how our eyes move. For some reason, it also has branches that go to the front surface of our eyes, to our foreheads, our cheeks, our jaws, down the back of our necks, and has branches that help our brains know where our head and our eyes are positioned. It turns out that the Trigeminal nerve complex is easily offended when the eyes are slightly misaligned, and can project pain along any of its branches causing symptoms that don’t seem related to how our eyes focus. These symptoms can include headaches, jaw pain, neck/shoulder stiffness, light sensitivity, dry eye, eye fatigue, disconnectedness from our environment, and motion sickness.

Fortunately, in this digital age, Neurology and Optometry came together to develop the ability to diagnose, measure, and treat this malady that we call Trigeminal Dysphoria. The patented treatment is called “NeuroLens” and it is applied to your eyeglass lenses when they are made. For those who have this slight eye misalignment, over 90% of can get a reduction in their symptoms with NeuroLenses. This is a remarkable improvement that is especially helpful in a world of computer use and screen time, but applies to all the activities in a patient’s world.

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