"Show Us Your SouthWest Vision" Contest

What is your SouthWest Vision?

Every year, SouthWest Vision celebrates eyesight with a photo contest. Submit your image of why you love Southern Utah for a chance to win a prize package! It can be a photo of your local community, your family, the beautiful scenery, whatever your SouthWest Vision is.

2024 Contest Coming Soon!

This year’s contest will start on or around May 27 and the submission deadline is September 2. Stay tuned for details.

Show Us Your Southwest Vision

Past Contest Winners


Connie Barlow
Fall 2022: Christine Price

Fall 2022

Christine Price

Spring 2022

Rachel Hoyt

Fall 2021

Matt Eschler
Spring 2021: Bruce Bugland

Spring 2021

Bruce Bugland

Fall 2020

Jim Beevers
Spring 2020: Chris Hatanaka

Spring 2020

Chris Hatanaka
Fall 2019: Ron Broad

Fall 2019

Ron Broad
Spring 2019: Amber Nielson

Spring 2019

Amber Nielson
Fall 2018: Ryanne Day

Fall 2018

Ryanne Day

Spring 2018

Kellie Hendrickson