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St. George Eye Doctors | Prescription Lenses

Eyeglasses are a very personal and unique part of your everyday life, which is why they should be perfectly tailored to you and your lifestyle. Our opticians at SouthWest Vision in St. George are highly trained and can provide answers to all your questions regarding your prescription lenses.

Once the doctor has determined your prescription, our opticians will assist you in picking out the best eyeglass frame for your face and prescription. The frames should reflect your personal style, and also be appropriate for your vision needs. The way they fit is also extremely important to long term wearability and comfort.

SouthWest Vision carries a large variety of high quality, stylish eyewear.

Prescription Lenses

All of our lenses are fabricated to your prescription using the latest digital freeform technology, providing you with the best possible optics and visual clarity possible.

SouthWest Vision in St. George uses progressive lenses that have the latest technology to give you the best visual experience possible. Oblique aberrations are greatly reduced everywhere on the lens, resulting in wider viewing areas with clear sharp vision.

St George Eye Doctors prescription lenses

Your frames should reflect your personal style, and also be appropriate for your vision needs.


Additional Options

Our opticians can also help explain all of the options available for your prescription lenses. These additional products offer benefits and functionality to your lenses.

One popular option is Transitions light intelligence lenses. Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing levels of light, darkening outdoors and returning to clear when indoors. Transitions lenses provide 100% protection from harmful ultraviolet light and filter out blue light as well.

At SouthWest Vision all of our prescription lenses include Crizal Sapphire HR anti-reflective coating. This coating removes annoying reflections from the front and back surfaces of your lenses, improving your visual clarity. Crizal Sapphire HR provides the most durable, transparent, and easy to clean anti-reflective coating available today.

Unconditional Warranty

When you purchase frames and lenses from SouthWest Vision, you can be sure that you are buying a quality product. Frames and lenses have an unconditional and unlimited two year warranty.

The warranty does not cover loss.

Some exclusions may apply.