Progressive Lenses for the Active Senior

by Dr Paul Gooch

One area where technology continues to rapidly advance is in the world of optics for eyewear. This is great news for those who need multifocal lenses or reading glasses to interact with the demands of our modern world. Of the lens types available for vision correction of the aging eye, progressive lenses are a technological marvel. Creating a smooth change in power over a lens is mathematically and physically complicated to design and produce. This means that our ability to improve progressive lenses is proportional to our ability to compute.

When I started to practice in 1998, the “Varilux” brand was synonymous with progressive lenses and all other designs were very limited by the analogue production methods of the day. Patients usually responded well, but required more time to adapt and visual comfort left little to be desired.

The lenses we fit our patients in today are light-years ahead of the lenses from 25 years ago because the highly refined way they are designed and produced on 3-D generators. Our most comfortable and loved lens design we use now was designed using 15 new patents. We also have a remarkably novel lens design developed by a collaboration of neurologists and eye physicians that treats a host of symptoms including neck stiffness, headaches, and dry eye symptoms.

The upshot of these advancements is that it’s common for our patients to put on their new progressive lenses and seamlessly continue their active lifestyles without disruption. There is no reason to suffer with the inconvenience of over-the-counter reading glasses, line bifocals, or to struggle with old, inferior progressive lens designs.

The trifecta for success with progressive lenses are: 1- a precise, hand-crafted glasses prescription; 2- an expert fitting of frame and lenses to your face; and 3- a latest generation, digitally produced progressive lens. Please visit us at SouthWest Vision if you have questions or want the personalized attention that it takes to get the high-definition vision that we can offer through the modern marvel of Progressive lenses. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors call 435-673-5577 or go to