“Where Is That Last Puzzle Piece?”

by Dr Ryan Robison

Do you like puzzles? My family does. I remember as a child seeing puzzles out when we visited my great grandparent’s home. My grandma was the same way and so is my mom. But, have you ever found yourself missing the last piece? This isn’t an uncommon for my family. Someone might sneak a puzzle piece in their pocket so they could be the one to put the last piece in.

One time my mom decided to do a 4,000 pieces puzzle. It was so large that she set it up on the ping pong table, which us kids weren’t happy about. But our attitude changed and we found ourselves working on a huge puzzle. In fact, we even got help from some of our friends. We all pitched in and eventually this massive puzzle came together over the next 6 months. It was fun to see the progress. However, when we got to the end we were missing a piece! Everyone was accused of taking that piece to claim their triumph of putting in the last piece, but no one admitted to it.

So, my mom came up with a plan to paint the missing piece! And she did an incredible job! This project had become such a treasure of work that she glued the puzzle together and hung it on our wall. When our friends would come over we would challenge them to find the “missing piece”. It was not an easy piece to find. But if you looked close enough you could see it.

People often ask me if I enjoy my job. I explain that every patient is like a puzzle. Some puzzles are harder than others. And finding the “missing piece” to someone’s vision or eye health is enjoyable. Everyone’s eyes are different and require customized solutions. Finding the right solution for each patient can be challenging but when we find the missing piece it is very satisfying to me my patients. If you’d like us to help you with your eyes then call us at 435-673-5577 or go to www.SouthWestVision.com.